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Barn Renovation

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting
Company Lighting by Plum
Lead Designers Toria Thorpe
Completion Date January 2018
Project Location Pangbourne, England
Entry Description

A dilapidated barn was brought up to date with modern lighting concepts, to provide a contemporary feel, whilst at the same time retaining the inherent beauty of the property. The project aimed to focus on highlighting existing materials, such as exposed brick and wood, along with introduced modern materials, such as polished concrete. Lighting was used to emphasise the barn�s architectural features, such as the underside of the stairs, oak beams and trusses. Spotlights and mini downlights grazed light along surfaces, helping pick up any textural interest, whilst also accentuating the generous volume of the space. A homely feel was created with discreet lighting in the fireplace hearth, washing up across the exposed brick surfaces. The innovative bathrooms and kitchen were given the same lighting treatments. This achieved cohesion to the lighting scheme, by focusing on the natural beauty of all materials throughout the property.
Company Description

Lighting by Plum is an independent lighting design consultancy based in Buckinghamshire, specialising in residential lighting design. We cover all aspects of home and garden lighting across the home counties including; Buckinghamshire, Herfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire.