Live Design Lighting

Overwatch League Inaugural Season

  • Company
    Orangelite Inc
  • Lead Designer
    Tyler Elich
  • Categories
    Winner in Live Design Lighting
  • Location
    Burbank, CA, United States

The Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League exhibited to the world that E-Sports is a force unlike any other. One of the main lighting goals is showcasing the players for fans to see their faces without creating a distraction or prevention from seeing their screen. This was certainly a challenge as the players were seated behind video walls with limited key light options. In order to follow the fast-paced nature of the game, we created multiple “reactives” by integrating game data to trigger specific lighting looks. For example, the ‘Halo’ above the audience tracked the progress of the payload in real time. When a team would go into overtime, an effect would run to match the overtime effect within the game. Most important, whenever a team would win all fixtures would go into the winning team’s color palette. One of the biggest challenges was balancing all of the talent at the analyst desk, the stage hosts, and players.