Live Design Lighting / Stage Lighting

Beyond the Valley Main Stage Lighting Design

  • Company
    Lightning Lighting P/L
  • Lead Designer
    Andrew Mutton
  • Categories
    Winner in Live Design Lighting / Stage Lighting
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia, Australia

The festival and events company The Untitled Group asked Andy Mutton of Lightning Lighting P/L based in Melbourne Australia to design a lighting design and a bespoke set design for the main stage of the their 4 day music festival. Andy collaborated on the set design with Nick Marson the production manager for the festival. The lighting design of the stage was based around flexibility for all of the visiting artists to the festival, it consisted of 35 moving lights; Robe Mega Points and Robe Spiders were the main fixtures. The lighting for the set was designed around using the reflective surfaces, so more Robe Mega Pointes and 12 watt lasers were used from delay towers. Andy Mutton has worked in the entertainment industry for 30 years. Andy specialising in lighting and set designs for music festival and major films throughout Australia and Asia. Andy is currently the creative directive for Lightning Lighting P/L, an entertainment design company that has been running for the 16 years.