Landscape Lighting

Ogorodnaya Sloboda Square

  • Company
    Culture of Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Julia Zharkova, Sergey Zhigalev
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting
  • Location
    Ogorodnaya Sloboda lane, Moscow, Russia, Russian Federation

Project brief: Re-think and renovate the old square to provide new experiences for Muscovites. The core of lighting concept is the clear division of transit and leisure paths by the means of light: high illuminance values and uniformity of first are opposed to rhythm and contrast of second. Hard surface and lightbulbs with warm functional light mark the transit path. The 4 meters wide main alley of the square barely used before now have become the central piece for the leisure strolls. Soft draining surface and decorative low lighting projecting graphical lines are used for this space. The central element of the square is a circle, where the transit and promenade cross. It is highlighted with a circular bench providing a lighting 'halo' above. Almost all luminaires were designed from scratch to fit the project needs. Architecture: UTRO (Alena Zaytseva, Marina Yarmarkina, Margaret Leonova) Photography: Olga Alekseenko/ Maksim Zharkov