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MCB mast

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Zenisk AS
Lead Designers Kristin Bredal, Natasa Rajic, Chrysanthi Tsatsou, Bao-An Pham
Completion Date September 2017
Project Location Bergen, Norway
Entry Description
Media City Bergen is the new media hub, housing a mix of broadcast companies, students and entrepreneurs.
MCB mast is a unique use of standard luminaires for functional lighting, seamlessly integrated into a luminous surface.
To make people curious about the shared space plaza, an unexpected feature is added: sculptural masts, like oversized desk lamps tilted in different way.
Design of the top is inspired by the shape and glow of the Moon, as a typical element in the Norwegian winter night. The arm resembles a task lamp for everyday use, which relates to the function of the building as a place for work and study.
The luminaires had to achieve a certain light level and uniformity. Integrated linear fixtures direct the light from 8 m height to the ground, giving a good light distribution across the whole space with only 5 masts.
Large round luminous surfaces clearly mark the space both in the evening and during the day, while lighting provides orientation and safety to all users.