Landscape Lighting

The Plaza

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Jeff Langford
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting
  • Location
    La Jolla California , United States

Beautiful landscaping design for a high end office park that was completely dark after sunset with hundreds of office workers stumbling to their cars. Many challenges in coming up with a cohesive lighting design and execution that provides Saftey, Security and Serenity in a Business Park environment. Technically there were many challenges, 90' tall pine trees, giant sycamore trees, boulder walls, stairs, sidewalks, 4 large waterfalls, over a mile of sidewalks, 5 outdoor seating areas not to mention tying into 6 different Lighting Control Panels, using a combination of direct burial transformers, standard transformers and a number of mini transformers all working together. We used large numbers of down lights from the trees to weave a light tapestry of Safety, Security and Serenity throughout the property. Where once folks rushed to their cars, looking over their shoulders they now stroll, congregate and enjoy the evening.