Landscape Lighting

Northbund Waterfront Public Space Landscape Lighting Renewal Design

  • Company
    Shanghai Xian Dai Architectual Decoratin & Landscape Design Research Institue Co.,Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Yang Yun, Zhou Na
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting
  • Location
    ShangHai,China, China

The lighting design sought to create a more humane and artistic nighttime leisure space experience, while embedding the rich regional “shipping culture” elements into the lighting scene. In the southern section of the waterfront coastline, there is a one-kilometer long international cruise ship terminal. Combined with existing site conditions, the lighting design setup more than 30 new multi-function lighting poles beside the existing street lamp poles with a spacing of 30 meters apart. Six sets of projection lamps were installed on each pole to project a wave of blue water pattern light onto the embankment, which, at night, created a dreamy water effect in the terminal area, highlighting the shipping culture. Regarding the greeneries in this area, the lighting design used the color characteristics of green landscape paintings in traditional Chinese paintings, aimed to create a green belt lighting effect rich in the charms of southern Yangtze River area in China.