Landscape Lighting / Residential Lighting

Carlton Woods

  • Company
    Light It Right
  • Lead Designer
    Brandon Kuehler, COLD, CLVLT
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting / Residential Lighting
  • Location
    The Woodlands, TX , United States

89 Well lights are up light the large trees, front of the house, and accenting two gates in the front yard. 129 MR16 Directionals are accenting smaller plants, accenting second story elements, mounted in the gutters, and accenting the back of the house where softer light is needed. 35 Tree lights are down lighting the front and back beds to accent planting material, accent two planters from a second story and urns in the front, and creating shadows on the Putting Green, when the 13 PAR 36 lights are not on for putting. 109 Copper Area lights are accenting the front center bed, front flower beds, around the pool, and beds in the backyard, as well as around the courtyard off the back porch. 21 PAR 36 Directiaonls are being used to accent large Magnolias and large trees behind the property to give add depth. 90 Wash lights are accenting the rock circle bed in the front, as well as giving perimeter to the project, not only for beauty, but security as well. One decorative sconce for grill.