Landscape Lighting

Terry Spinks Place

  • Company
    Light Follows Behaviour
  • Lead Designer
    Nevena Kovacevic, Elettra Bordonaro
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting
  • Location
    London, United Kingdom

Terry Spinks is a large space under the highway that cuts through East London. New high rise residential apartments are being built all around the highway and as part of the Halsville Quarter new development, Bouygues also invested in the complete renovation and repurpose of this large are under the highway. For this impoverished and forgotten cityscape under the highway and just next to Canning Town Matro Station two main goals were set: to increase dwell time and to activate it by inspiring new type of uses. LFB�s approach was to create a lighting that was inclusive, meaningful and engaging to the local community, new residents and visitors. This large area needed to be defined and articulated, and through the help of bold geometries and graphics, vibrant colors, shapes and sounds the visitors are now both welcome to stay, engage or just simply pass through. These sensory experiences activate the space now, and by waving the disciplines of landscape design, sound design and lighting