Light Art Project

The Macallan Cave Privee

  • Company
    Jason Bruges Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Jason Bruges Studio
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
  • Location
    Speyside, Scotland, UK, United Kingdom

An immersive light and sound-based performance artwork commissioned by The Edrington Group to conclude the visitor experience of the Macallan Distillery in Scotland. The performance takes place in the Cave Priveé – a subterranean, concrete, silo-like room, dressed with over 150 1-tonne full casks of whisky. Inspired by the Macallan philosophy of “it takes the time it takes”, the artwork encapsulates archetypal expressions of the passage of time through shadow-play that dramatises a sense of discovery. The choreographed, monochromatic, lighting arrangement and musical accompaniment animates the casks and immerses the visitor in a dynamic expression of the spirit of the Macallan. Carefully considered spatial relationships culminate in a striking visual journey. Pitch is used to express a vertical hierarchy from lower to higher rows and light intensity relates to amplitude. The project was realised in collaboration with Atelier Brückner, Daniel Sonabend and Mike Stoane Lighting.