Light Art Project

Future Life Style Exhibition

  • Company
    Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design LTD
  • Lead Designer
    Wanjun Bai
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
  • Location
    Guangdong China, China

Show: ordinary life, brilliant life, bloom themselves, unique soul. This work takes "show" as the theme, through the design work conveys the life attitude advocated by Mr.Bai, the lighting designer -- in the ordinary life, pursue the splendid life, bloom the unique soul, show their own life feeling.The design of future life style that wanjun Bai understands should be a designer who can design works according to his heart's desire, and also let the audience feel and inspire through proper expression. In the presentation of the work, he does not want to overemphasize people, but wants to highlight the whole space, leaving room for the audience to think.Designers through the space design to arouse the inspiration of the audience, let it and the space spontaneously generate communication.The designer did some kind of design for the space, but the person in the space, can get to belong to own unique understanding here, make whole radiate infinite possibility.