Exterior Architectural Illumination

Healing Stay KOSMOS Resort

  • Company
    EONSLD Co. Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Mee Jeong, Hyungwoo Lee, Beomsik Kim, Su Jin Jeon
  • Categories
    Winner in Exterior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    Ulleung Island, South Korea, Korea

Healing Stay KOSMOS Resort is located atop of cliff at Ulleung Island, South Korea formed during a volcanic eruption 2.5 million years ago. The resort offers visitors the finest sight by watching sunset over the horizon and the elephant-shaped rock and the blue sea. It consists of two main buildings: Villa Kosmos as in the universe and space and Villa Terre which symbolizes earth. Exterior lighting mainly implies natural lights found from the island and the ocean. Overall lighting concept had must consider natural light surrounding the site - to keep less bright and gentle for harmonious panoramic scene of the site and the nature, but to accentuate organically formed architecture and provide minimum brightness at night and maximize visual comfort.