Exterior Architectural Illumination

Hotel Hampton by Hilton

  • Company
    JCFabra Lighting Consulting
  • Lead Designer
    Juan Carlos Fabra
  • Categories
    Winner in Exterior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    Montevideo, Uruguay, Uruguay

Located at the entrance of Montevideo, the hotel sits as an abstract piece in the suburban landscape. During the day, the sunlight reflects in the glass panels creating a white haze that stands out in the façade. At night, it is illuminated in a subtle way, getting a delicate choreography. The lighting concept accentuates the materials of the two pieces that shape the building: the horizontal weathering steel base illuminated by projection emphasize textures, and the vertical glazed main body with backlight the translucence. The randomly perforated holes of the steel entrance creates reddish reflections with the natural light, the artificial light imitates them projecting circles of a variety of beam angle. Meanwhile the gradients of light wash across the panels of the main façade through linear LED arranged in a triangular pitch. A welcoming piece, an accent, shuddering during daytime, dazzling at night.