Exterior Architectural Illumination

Arc by Crown

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Elliott
  • Categories
    Winner in Exterior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia, Australia

At the ground plane, uplighting accentuates the stepped brick facades and masonry arches of street frontages. Warm white colour temperatures enhance the tones of the russet brickwork. Uplighting continues into a through site link, for a consistent lit appearance, activating the retail precinct. Above the podium, the tower is capped with focussed, narrow beam uplights, modelling the gentle organic form; providing a distinctive crown in the Sydney skyline. At a human scale on the rooftop terrace, the lit arches create a pseudo canopy, providing a sense of protection against open sky. Linear LED defines the ornamental pool edges and affords an iridescence, while furniture elements appear to float from concealed light reflecting off the surrounding grounds. Below the through site link in reception, timber blades wrap up the walls and ceiling, uplit with warm LED, accentuating the repetition and skeletal characteristics of this distinctive finish.