Exterior Architectural Illumination / Exterior Lighting Software Development

Amandolier Building, Geneva

  • Company
    Lighting Design Collective
  • Lead Designer
    Lighting Design Collective, Barbara Rodriguez Pando
  • Categories
    Winner in Exterior Architectural Illumination / Exterior Lighting Software Development
  • Location
    Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland

Amandolier Building in the centre of Geneva, Switzerland, is an elegant cubic structure housing offices and surrounded by a garden combining vegetation, metallic figures, black shale and water vapour in nothing less than a symphony. It was built in 2004 by Société Privée de Gérance. Lighting design collective re-imagined this iconic media façade introducing calm movements of light and expressive geometries drawn from the architecture itself. Real-time weather data is collected and parameterised triggering changes in Digital content that is created continuously by visual algorithms. LDC developed, together with the manufacturer MCI, a custom luminaire to fit the existing niche in the facade. SPG requested that the shadows in the corners be minimized and that each window blind be evenly illuminated. LDC built a mock-up in Madrid to test different combinations of optics and holographic diffusers. The new fixture control was designed to be flexible and allow for soft movements of light.