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Sensing Change

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination
Company upLIGHT and ESI Design
Lead Designers Michael Stiller – Lighting Designer; For ESI Design: Edwin Schlossberg – Principal Designer, Emily Webster – Head of Media Architecture, Yu-Ting Feng – Creative Technology Designer, Leonor Montes de Oca – Physical Designer, Jessica Sutich – Content Design
Completion Date June 2018
Project Location Chicago, IL USA
Entry Description

This data-driven lighting sculpture on a downtown Chicago terrace draws a connection between the urban landscape and the natural world. “Sensing Change” is controlled by live data feeds creating a dynamic experience that can be enjoyed both day and night. Animations are generated from weather data while wind speeds produce an added disruptive layer of light.

The illuminated trellis was designed to lend an open and organic feel to this public space. Also viewable from the street, the piece adds a lively component to the surrounding neighborhood

The trellis is composed of brushed metal fins housing linear 4000K fixtures facing the viewer and RGB fixtures facing the wall. Combining line-of-sight and reflected effects, the sculpture reads as a single or multilayered surface with two layers of light reacting independently or as one canvas

Over time, the LED trellis will support lush ivy growth to create a unique juxtaposition of technology and nature.