Interior Architectural Illumination

Boutique "Shabelski"

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Mykola Kabluka
  • Categories
    Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    Dnipro, Ukraine, Ukraine

Premium boutique. The interior aimed at creating an image of the forest, so natural materials were used such as wood and brass. In the lighting, it was necessary to find a technological solution without losing the naturalness of the entire interior. Therefore, special chandeliers were designed in the image of the clouds. Chandeliers present large plexiglass caustic spheres, trimmed with matte fabric. Inside there are six spheres with three sources of light in each. Due to the movement of the light sources from the chandeliers, unique dynamic patterns of glare imitating the glare of water are constantly created. The color temperature of the lighting was carefully chosen. It changes based on the time of a day: it is colder in the morning and warmer in the evening, making your stay in the space more comfortable.