Interior Architectural Illumination

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, Jersey City office

  • Company
    Lilker Lighting Group
  • Lead Designer
    David Cyr
  • Categories
    Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    Jersey City, NJ, United States

Part of a federally-regulated banking system, this Jersey City office was initially formed 25 years ago as a disaster recovery outpost of its New York headquarters. It has been reimagined as the nerve center of a network comprising 11 district banks and over 8,000 member institutions. Taken from back office status it emerges today as a command hub overseeing national operations. This transformation incorporates the latest in wellness design, emphasizing occupants’ well-being in an open, healthy, and visually striking workplace. Lighting supports the concept of crisp, streamlined sophistication while nearly 30% under budget and using less than 0.5W per square foot.