Interior Architectural Illumination

KIMCHEE Pancras Square

  • Company
    Doyle Collection co. ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Aiji Inoue
  • Categories
    Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    London, Japan

We were required to reconstruct by adding a new identity yet leaving the impression of the first store as it is. By using Korean traditional grid patterns and vertical grids as motif, we aimed to make a clear and sophisticated atmosphere. Though this is an Interior Design, it is not merely one division, but also by being conscious of the Architecture structure and considering the details will enable to strongly evoke the customers’ feelings to visit this restaurant. One of our challenges was to make a characteristic difference by lighting in the space from the Basement Floor to the Ground Floor. As you proceed from the entrance to the aboveground floor’s inner room and to the Basement Floor, customers will feel more sense of privacy. We have used the same motif grids, nevertheless, by changing the thickness of the grids and narrowing the pitch, silence and anticipation intertwining by selected lighting, we were able to add a touch of premium class atmosphere to the restaurant.