Music Event Lighting (DJ/Video)

Mad Fox Club

  • Company
    Exciting Light / Spannend Licht
  • Lead Designer
    Evan Morris
  • Categories
    Winner in Music Event Lighting (DJ/Video)
  • Location
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2017, The Mad Fox Club opened in Amsterdam. Since its opening, the Dam Square venue has become known internationally for its pioneering lighting system. Complimented by the usual effects, the main feature is a number of layered LED strips suspended below a mirrored ceiling. This simple-seeming equipment layout and unique control interface combine illusion, color science and video games design to allow unprecedented live access to the system’s hundreds of thousands of LEDs. The special interface allows for instantly creating venue-sized visceral 3D effects in time with the music program - a synesthesia usually only achievable through time code programming.

The Mad Fox went on to win the award for ‘Best Nightlife Venue’ in The Netherlands. Dutch-American lighting designer Evan Morris was the lead lighting & effects consultant on the project and provides the nightly live lighting design. His previous lighting designs include venues at Harvard, Times Square & Piccadilly Circus.