Interior Architectural Illumination

Vanke Zhenwanhui Shenzhen

  • Company
    Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design LTD
  • Lead Designer
    Lili Zhou
  • Categories
    Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Location
    Shenzhen China, China

Zhenwanhui, the city exhibition hall of shenzhen bay super headquarters base, completed in October 2016, is located in the area of shenzhen bay super headquarters base.From the planning of architectural space to interior concept direction, the design of space does not highlight the model of sales products and the emphasis of sales atmosphere.It is a place for the experience and communication of a tasteful lifestyle.Therefore, we began to figure out the light in this space from the perspective of the project's target population and the formulation of lifestyle, and how to coordinate with the space design and mood communication.The light control of the display space should not only retain the influence of natural light on the space, but also create the gloss and charm of art itself. Therefore, we use the response of different material properties and light to accurately express the artistic conception and emotion.