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W Hotel Brisbane

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company FPOV
Lead Designers Mark Elliott
Completion Date July 2018
Project Location Brisbane, Australia
Entry Description
The W brand demands style & are strongly driven by current tends within all sectors of design, including fashion, art, architecture and the like. The initial brief given by the operator isn�t your standard written explanation of design requirements and light levels � it is a 5-minute video of models, dance parties, celebrities, architecture, existing properties and future aspirations of the brand. Be bold, think out of the box and design to impress.
Throughout the entire public space, the senses of the guests are always being triggered. Every turn offers a new experience, each bolder than the last. The lighting design was carefully considered in all aspects of the interiors & close collaboration with Nic Grahams and Associates� office was essential.
Whilst the areas throughout the entire property are designed to meet the expectations of the brand�s light level requirements, it is asked that boundaries are pushed; the lighting design is to be on trend.