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Steakhouse "Must"

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Mykola Kabluka
  • Categories
    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    Kiev, Ukraine, Ukraine

«Must» is a classic steakhouse. The creators aimed at showing visitors the processes of cooking steaks as well as interpreting it in the design of the place: heat-treated finishing materials, charred dark wood, and metal were used. Lighting creates the effect of flickering fire, and integral components of steaks - bones - are reflected in the chandelier and lamps. Many different bones were made from crystal and formed the central interior chandelier. The light directed at the tables also affects these crystal bones of the chandelier, thus contrastingly highlighting the sparkling glass against the background of dark wood. Another type of lights in the form of bones was developed: they are also made of glass, but golden in color. In each of these lamps, there is a separate source of light. So, the lighting elements have become an integral part of the interior, emphasizing the concept of the place.