Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Restaurant "MANU"

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Mykola Kabluka
  • Categories
    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    Kiev, Ukraine, Ukraine

MANU is a Peruvian restaurant in the center of Kiev. The interior is dominated by brick, characteristic of the buildings of this people. Many different types of masonry are shown by sliding light from different angles. Some fragments of the masonry are kinetically highlighted: alternately turning on and dimming at different angles, the light creates a variety of dynamic shadows. In the baseboard hidden amber lights to create an evening atmosphere. On the tables are traditionally accent light spots. The dominant element of the interior is a huge chandelier made of rusted metal rings, illuminated from above and below by different groups of lamps that smoothly dimmed and form a diverse dynamic perception of the chandelier.