Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

KUMOTO by Tori Tori

  • Company
    Lighteam Gustavo Avilés SC
  • Lead Designer
    Gustavo Avilés, Rogelio González
  • Categories
    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico

Kumoto is conceived as a Japanese restaurant where subtlety and simplicity are the axis of its design. The use of raw materials in walls, floors and ceilings marks the range of colors of interior design and creates a sense of balance. Based in the concept that we eat light as we eat food, light is also an element that give us all references of impressions for visual digestion. A set of wood panels was created in order to present a monochromatic dynamism of shadows and depths in walls and ceilings, in addition, the lighting was integrated to these elements emphasizing its conception and creating a piece that surrounds the dining room and frames the sushi bar. Accent intensions on table surfaces and the bar, creates contrasts with the softness of the environment. The kitchen, finished in black steel, was illuminated with an asymmetrical element that avoids interrupting the dim atmosphere in the salon and emphasizes brass elements that make up the shelf.