Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

  • Company
    Susan Lake Lighting Design Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Susan Lake
  • Categories
    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

The ambition was to create the ambiance of a town clubhouse, through a subtle lighting scheme complementing the richness and vibrancy of the interior. Working with a Grade II listed building in a UNESCO world heritage site demanded an imaginative approach to solve these limitations we delivered several innovative solutions which turned the constraints into positive benefits. To tie the different public areas together visually we designed similar lighting styles highlighting the Georgian architectural features throughout. The Garden, formerly an external courtyard, now glazed and transformed into a calm, city oasis. Festoon lighting integrated into the canopy of vegetation and suspended ladders create a sparkle that is amplified magically by reflections in the glass above. Although separate spaces, the Bar and Restaurant are connected stylistically. In the Bar linear LED integrated behind the booth seating and uplighting the wall-mounted artwork is balanced by light from pendants above.