Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Bar dos Arcos

  • Company
    There's Light Limited & Studio 220v
  • Lead Designer
    Fabio A P Cristini & Renata Fongaro (There's Light Limited & Studio 220v)
  • Categories
    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    Sao Paulo, Brazil, United Kingdom

Arcos is a cocktail bar located in the foundations of the historic Sao Paulo’s Municipal Theatre. Its main architecture feature, the vaulted arches, lends the space its name; additionally, the building is highly protected by local authorities. Being underground, void of natural light, the main aspect of the lighting design was ensuring the space felt inviting and all modifications to be easily undone, made to be an obvious addition, challenging all insertions to be carefully considered for the two key spaces – main bar and events room. In the main bar, there are two main lighting features: the backlit tables at 3000K colour temperature for a crisp effect inspired by the bar at Kubrick’s “The Shining”, and the uplight to the arches at 2700K, warmed further with the use of filters. For the events lounge’s intimate ambience, lighting proposed changing the focus to the perimeters with our own design of reinterpreted wall candelabra with sober orthogonal proportions, that are dotted around.