Heritage Lighting

The Historic Longfellow Bridge Illumination

  • Company
    Rosales + Partners
  • Lead Designer
    Miguel Rosales
  • Categories
    Winner in Heritage Lighting
  • Location
    Boston, MA, United States

The Longfellow Bridge was completed in 1906 and it is considered to be the most important historic bridge in the City of Boston due to its prominent location over the Charles River and outstanding visual and architectural quality. The primary aim of the rehabilitation project was to address the bridge’s structural deficiencies, upgrade its capacity and bring it up to date with modern codes while also preserving its visual and historic architectural character. A new state of the art architectural and functional lighting system was installed using contemporary LED lighting systems. The careful lighting design and detailing preserved the historic integrity of the over 100 year-old bridge while also enhanced its night presence along the river highlighting its granite towers and historic arches. The new bridge illumination is a source on inspiration on how to use lighting as a link between the past and the future.