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Chongqing French Marine Division Barracks heritage renovated lighting design

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The French Marine Battalion is located on the NanbinRoad, "the Bund" in Chongqing, China. Its predecessor is theNorthernOcean Battalion Office. It was rebuilt by the French in 1902 on the basis and has gone through 116 years of ups and downs. Today, the planners re-ignite our feelings of this landmark national heritage and restore it to a historic experience space covering modern urban life, such as book reading, restaurants, bars, multi-functional exhibition halls, joint offices and historical museums. Lighting designers helps to create a quiet and elegant space atmosphere, and depicts its natural and simple space texture. Through the close relationship between people and space, space and objects, objects and people, the historical feelings of ancient spaceare stimulated. Make here not only the museum of reading, the exhibition hall of household utensils, but also the indulgence of art and design.