Heritage Lighting

Town Hall of Canton Bern

  • Company
    vogtpartner lighting design engineering
  • Lead Designer
    Andreas Gut, Christian Vogt, Matthias Wilcken-Frey
  • Categories
    Winner in Heritage Lighting
  • Location
    Bern, Switzerland, Switzerland

For this late Gothic building from 1406, rebuilt in 1868 as Neo Gothic, the aim was to find a light concept corresponding to the style of the architecture, adapted to the contemporary visual needs while ensuring sustainability and energy efficiency. The solution for the different rooms was achieved with the use of indirect and direct lighting, gently diffusing or directly illuminating spaces for festive occasions, exhibitions and working areas. Suspended rings in different diameters and quantity center the spaces between mighty pillars, vaulted arches, and wooded surfaces, emphasizing ceilings, floors and remarking different spatial geometries. One of the highlights is the historic hall, used as working area and ballroom. The lighting is provided by a contemporary interpretation of a chandelier, which combines functional work light with festive accents. The soul is a glass that shimmers gently from the inside, while spots in the rings light up the large mural.