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Gasholders London

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Lead Designers Speirs + Major LLP
Completion Date January 2018
Project Location London, UK
Entry Description

The play of light and shade reveals the industrial architecture and enhances the contemporary interiors of this residential development set within three historic gasholder frames. Externally, light creates a strong identity that clarifies the circular geometries. Internally, it provides an engaging experience for residents, optimising the use of daylight.

Warm light grazes the front face of the columns, highlighting the detail. Ingenious miniature lensed sources held in position by magnets ensure that light is directed precisely at the architecture, avoiding spill. The central external space glows at the heart of the scheme.

Inside, a soft wash of light to the circular atria walls supports a comfortable experience looking up to the sky, shifting in colour from morning to evening to complement changes in daylight. Bespoke individual lanterns in the atria and roof gardens emit welcoming light at a relatable scale, their warmth a subtle reference to the gas once stored in the frame.