Community Building Lighting / Live Design Lighting

Ribafria Multimedia - Sintralight

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Goncalo Andrade Pires (Creative Executive Director)
  • Categories
    Winner in Community Building Lighting / Live Design Lighting
  • Location
    Quinta da Ribafria, Sintra.Portugal, Portugal

With the aid of lights and projectors, the Ribafria Farm in Sintra, has become a beautiful world of fantasy in a fantastic VideoMapping, lights and performing arts show, where the spectators jumped trough time to the XVI century of Portugal's History. For this live performance lighting project, VisionOnset had put together a system that comprised more than 30 moving and static lights along the space, 5.1 surround sound audio system and a total of 60.000 Ansi Lumens VideoProjection. Altogether, this machinery of lumen-emitters produced billions of different hues of color and around 4 million light pixels along the facade and tower. This multimedia and performative arts show was incorporated on UNESCO's Internacional year of light and was sponsored by Sintra's City Council. Collaboration with the Dance School: Espaço de Dança Palmira Camargo