Community Building Lighting / LED Exterior Systems


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  • Lead Designer
    Fabrice Azoulay
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    Winner in Community Building Lighting / LED Exterior Systems
  • Location
    Paris, France, France

When walls are transformed into giant screens, when buildings become a new media, when the light becomes an architectural element in its own right. In Paris, in the thirteenth arrondissement, the facades of the la "Maison Internationale de Séjour" were transformed into luminous tableau intended to become works of art to embellish the city, reinventing the concept of "Paris City Light" A technological feat has made all this possible. In all, no less than 153,984 LEDs illuminate the facade of the MIS. The large illuminated area makes this lighting a unique project (1,025 m2, one as a "screen" of about 58m long by 18m high). From the moment they were designed, the three buildings were equipped with a second glass skin. Their skeleton was made up of clear walls, so as to privilege the transparency, and to bring out the soul of the construction The outer epidermis consists of 284 rectangles of glasses, all surrounded by LEDs. The way to place LEDs gives a rendering worthy of a screen.