Community Building Lighting

Tyler Hall Renovation, SUNY Oswego

  • Company
    Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Francesca Bettridge, Michael Hennes and Nira Wattanachote
  • Categories
    Winner in Community Building Lighting
  • Location
    Oswego, NY, United States

The lighting for this LEED-Gold university arts building renovation humanizes a Brutalist structure and surmounts the challenges of its concrete-slab architecture. In the below-grade rehearsal room, large ceiling trusses are added to make the space column-free. Beam undersides and perimeter column faces are transformed into light �fixtures.� An unconventional lighting solution enhances the room�s architecture. The lobby�s lighting meets a tight budget despite using a custom fixture. Made from standard parts, it provides a comfortable mix of direct and indirect light. The brightness of the sources adds a theatrical note. In the theater foyer, instead of a costly illuminated handrail an LED strip, set in a cove just above the tread, floats the stair away from the wall and highlights it as a graceful architectural feature. In the theater, linear LEDs create a dynamic pattern, directing attention towards the stage. Inventive lighting solutions succeed by embracing the drama of simple form