Community Building Lighting

Midtown Professional Education Center, Weill Cornell Medicine

  • Company
    Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Stephen D. Bernstein, Sang Yup Lee, Sarah Dlinn Aizner
  • Categories
    Winner in Community Building Lighting
  • Location
    New York, NY, United States

In this two-floor healthcare teaching facility, a variety of lighting techniques, fixtures that reinforce the materials palette and solutions that respond to copious daylight, identify the use of each space and facilitate way-finding. In lounges, the lighting is purposefully decorative, often playful, and draws attention away from the open-ceiling construction. In circulation areas, cove uplights blend seamlessly with the beams to which they are attached, providing a soft, ambient light. The spaces glow while the light source remains invisible. The showpiece is the interconnecting stair, which encourages physical activity. Continuous lines of light, visible even in strong sunlight, energize the stair and transform it into an exciting art piece that everyone enjoys using. The lighting solution is sustainable, at 38% below power allowances. The lighting is a key design element that clarifies, sharpens and adds life to the project.