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Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Lead Designers michel tortel
Completion Date september 2018
Project Location FRANCE
Entry Description

This new urban lighting product called STIK developed with SECURLITE answer to the following question: why the urban lighting product should be always built with a pole supporting light head, creating an inevitable glare and losing 3 to 4 m with an unused, expensive and polluting pole, congesting the city.
This product explores a new way to illuminate the city by removing the light head and transfer the led engine on three long diffusors that will prevent any glare and give comfortable and soft light.
The product becomes transparent during daylight thanks to very thin section tubes that can provide a lot of smart functions and offer a soft and easy way to modulate the colours, directions and intensity of light diffusion.
The structure is realized with aluminium drilled and welded 60 X 60 mm tubes that makes the 3.7 m high lighting fixture extremely resistant and light. The lens and shutters are able to prevent from lighting pollution and to focus on architectural illumination points.
Company Description

Agence Michel Tortel is an industrial design studio.
It provides full-service support to companies and public bodies for innovative products, urban, space and brand projects .
Its creative process is based on human, technical and scientific foundations, focused and applied to utility and form to create new sources of growth. !
Its multi-disciplinary structure allows issues of scale, expertise and product life-cycles to be addressed in a variety of ways, leading to effective creative response