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Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Company Escofet 1886 (Barcelona)
Lead Designers Cream Estudio Architects
Completion Date November 2018
Project Location Barcelona
Entry Description

The CREAM collection incorporates three lighting elements with a prismatic, simple and minimalist design that easily blend into public parks, streets and paths or home gardens.
CREAM shows us the link between two apparently opposite genres: prose and poetry. Function and emotion.
'CREAM L' is a column measuring 3.20 metres in height and is supplemented by beacon. 'CREAM M' measuring 74 cm; both with identical geometric features and lighting conditions. 'CREAM S' is a beacon in the shape of a 25 cm cube.
The main concept of the lights during the design process was to design a family of products, a collection of lights, and not a singular piece. A dark grey shape outside and a warm pearl gold color inside.
CREAM was founded as a singular proposal for illuminating a new park in Barcelona. The area is a public space of 10 hectares situated in the 'Parc de les Aigues' (Cornellà), a place to be, a park related with water, ecology, museography, landscape, architecture and heritage.