Healthcare Lighting

Hubbell Healthcare Solutions Remedi

  • Company
    Hubbell Healthcare Solutions, a Hubbell Lighting brand
  • Lead Designer
    Michael McCullough
  • Categories
    Winner in Healthcare Lighting
  • Location
    Greenville, SC, United States

The Remedi LED multi-function bed light addresses the interests and needs of the patient, healthcare staff and facility management. The unique design strikes a balance between visual comfort and high quality illumination, delivers ease of use, reduces safety risks for the facility and is simple to install and service. From a performance perspective Remedi is the optical performance leader for illumination and uniformity with the combination of ambient, reading (horizontal and inclined plane) and exam functions and it is the only bed light to meet the 5:1 (max./min.) uniformity guideline for examination lighting. Both of these performance firsts hold true at >80 and >90 CRI.For years healthcare professionals have struggled with the physical act of rotating a heavy housing to aim the light at the bed surface. Research showed that often times staff wasn’t even aware that any exam lighting was available, reinforcing the belief that critical patient evaluations were happening without adequate illumination. The ambient and reading recommendations for average illumination and uniformity are met with the dedicated optical compartments. For patient examination, Remedi utilizes a front optical compartment along with the ambient function to create a multi-source of light that reduces direct glare, delivers enhanced uniformity, provides excellent illumination levels and reduces shadows. A molded linear optic is incorporated into the exam compartment to direct light precisely on the bed surface while the ambient source provides a soft indirect contribution. The ambient source is energized when the examination function is engaged. This approach to exam illumination delivers more than 100 average footcandles on the patient bed with a uniformity under 5:1 max:min, meeting the highest recommendations. Another departure from the norm is Remedi’s use of an air gap between the optical housing and wire way. This approach provides a lighter overall appearance and presents the opportunity to incorporate an optional, full-length, indirect night light. By hiding the aperture of the night light, there is zero glare, adding to patient comfort. It is available in either 3000K white light or amber (590 nm) to minimize disruption to a patient’s sleep patterns.