Landscape Lighting

Stella - Palm Tree Lighting in the Stars

  • Company
    Bradley Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Ralph Raya
  • Categories
    Winner in Landscape Lighting
  • Location
    1009 West 18th Street, Costa Mesa, CA. 92627, United States

The Stella palm tree lighting product is an architectural lighting solution that enhances palm trees used to create landscape statements at entry drives, roadways, walking area, gathering spaces and framed buildings on site without creating glare or tree clutter. At night, Stella Palm Tree Lighting compliments palm tree landscape statements by providing illumination on the palms against a dark night creating vertical lighting to enhance a project without creating glare from lighting fixtures. In addition to constant led color temperatures Stella can be furnished with RGBW color changing LED fixtures to further enhance projects with color changing RGBW lighting to reflect a season, holiday or special events.