Outdoor Hanging Lights


  • Company
    Sonneman–A Way of Light
  • Lead Designer
    Robert Sonneman
  • Categories
    Winner in Outdoor Hanging Lights
  • Location
    New York, NY, United States

A Torus is a surface of revolution carefully crafted to revolve in a three-dimensional space. Lighting visionary Robert Sonneman invites this geometrical revolution into the lighting space, and does so with utilitarian style and functional design in mind. SONNEMAN–A Way of Light’s Torus fully grasps the spatial concept with a precisely curved form that is revolved around a center axis, forming a reflected LED luminance that appears to float in air with an open lightness. Hung high or low from a ceiling or patio cover, its delicate presence glows with a warm reflected brightness. Torus is the first outdoor LED pendant for the SONNEMAN brand, certified with a UL Damp listing. Innovative with a high-end luxury aesthetic, the Torus pendant adds elegance to any outdoor or indoor environment.