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Aurora Pendant Light

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  • Lead Designer
    Chris Fox
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    Winner in Pendant Lighting
  • Location
    London, United Kingdom

Aurora is our latest chandelier fixture and is named after the spectacular natural display in the northern hemisphere. With Aurora, we set ourselves the challenge of drawing with light, emulating the streak of light captured in a long exposure photograph or the trail of a bright light in motion. This fitting brings that ambition to life with energy and modernity. A sinuous aluminium ring circles around itself in a series of subtle waves to create Aurora’s fluid form. Gentle LED light is emitted from integrated silicon diffusers that twist and flow with the curve of the tubes, which are produced with Japanese 3D tube-bending technology. Suspended by fine steel cables that also connect to the power source, Aurora almost appears to float freely. Aurora is designed, assembled and finished in our UK studio and is available in matte gold, satin black or bronze finishes or bespoke made to order.