Outdoor Wall Lighting

The Dash Wall

  • Company
    The University of Sydney
  • Lead Designer
    Luke Hespanhol
  • Categories
    Winner in Outdoor Wall Lighting
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia, Australia

The Dash Wall is a fully programmable low-resolution media facade consisting of 120 RGB LED light bars embedded on the pre-existing brick facade of the historical Holme Building, University of Sydney. It can be programmed with commonly used software development tools regularly taught to design students, play videos, pre-programmed effects, control surrounding street lamps, and respond in real-time to external sensors. The Dash Wall drives the revitalisation of the historical precinct it is located at with the goal of making it more inviting, safer, and turning it into a new cultural precinct in Sydney. Within the University context, it has been designed as a public-facing platform for ‘learning and research on display’, providing critical public infrastructure for prototyping and showcasing of works by local students and researchers. It is also envisaged as a hub for display of creative content by artists from any location, pioneering in Australia the emerging model of urban galleries.