Energy Saving Lighting

PureEdge Lighting Pipeline Modular LED Suspension

  • Company
    PureEdge Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Gregory Kay
  • Categories
    Winner in Energy Saving Lighting
  • Location
    Chicago, United States

The Pipeline LED Modular Suspension is the first of its kind, energy efficient modular indoor lighting system that pushes the angles of geometry in ways never seen before. With 360-degree channel rotation, and several finish and size options to choose from, this fixture provides a turnkey solution for lighting designers that enhances personalization and simplifies installation. Designed to complement a modern aesthetic, the Pipeline mimics the shapes found in most open-ceiling spaces, seamlessly blending with existing pipes and ducts, rather than following the traditional square design that most modular systems offer. For an extra brightness, you can also build the system with adjustable 24VDC track heads and pendants, creating the perfect combination of direct and indirect lighting sources.