Mood Lighting

Philippine Airlines A350 mood lighting designs

  • Company
    LIFT Strategic Design
  • Lead Designer
    Daniel Baron
  • Categories
    Winner in Mood Lighting
  • Location
    Airbus A350 aircraft flying the long-haul network of Philippine Airlines, Japan

LIFT Strategic Design has designed first-in-the-world mood lighting concepts for the Philippine Airlines A350, which is now flying on the carrier’s ultra-long-haul flights to/from Manila. The concepts are unique as they incorporate in the customer experience not only wellbeing, but also cultural aspects of the Philippines. During boarding, a slow-moving gradient operates in a loop and symbolizes the vast sky over a land of 7,000 islands. Non-looping scenarios including sunrise, fiesta and even celebration, a dynamic light show that could potentially be ordered by customers in advance during online booking, creating a new source of ancillary revenue. Working with the airline and Airbus, the scenes created by LIFT go way beyond just pretty colors, creating an enhanced customer experience that is unmistakably Philippine Airlines.