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Ora Desk Lamp

  • Company
    Ross Gardam
  • Lead Designer
    Ross Gardam
  • Categories
    Winner in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia, Australia

The Ora Desk Lamp is the result of a desire for purity and honesty displaying a meticulous display of harmony between engineering and manufacturing. Inspired by the limited-edition Gold Ora Desk Lamp, the Ora Desk Lamp has been re-engineered for production, featuring a slimmer cylindrical base, softer rotational movement and available in either brushed anodised black or white champagne finish.The form of the Ora Desk Lamp is characterised by its unique orbiting shade. The hidden magnetic joint allows Ora Desk to snap back into the horizontal position and a new poly ring provides a softer, smoother rotating action Thanks to its innovative magnetic joint, the user is able to tilt the shade, directing the warm glow and then cycle the shade around the body of the lamp.This allows fluid joint movement allows the user to interact with a shade that can fully orbit in 360° and tilt-adjust to numerous task light positions.