Designer and Custom Lighting

Red Energy Office Melbourne

  • Company
    Artefact Industries
  • Lead Designer
    Michael Dernaj & Kate Steele
  • Categories
    Winner in Designer and Custom Lighting
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia, Australia

Artefact Industries was approached by Carr Design Group to create a large scale installation of light for the breakout area in Red Energy’s office. Located on the top floor of the beautiful 20th Century Bryant & May building in Richmond, the architects intended to reference the building’s origins as a match factory. To create a sense of inviting ambience within the multi-function workspace, the vision was to have scattered points of light that represented clusters of lit matches. What was clear from the outset was that Red Energy and Carr Design Group had a vision to create something unique and unexpected for an office environment.The concept began to take form with undulating clusters of light with a variance in density, illumination and height. To create a feathering of the light a fluctuation in frosted and clear acrylic materials was utilised. The match like form was expressed with an elongated metal housing and illuminated edge-lit acrylic balls.