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GlowSTX Linear & Accent Lighting System

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  • Lead Designer
    Scott Hershman
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    Winner in Designer and Custom Lighting
  • Location
    NA, United States

LF Illumination's GlowSTX is a modern suspended miniature dimmable LED luminaire system comprised of configurable linear elements, connectors and accents. The system has a simple footprint with clean lines. Constructed using high-quality textured fit, finish and feel components. GlowSTX features elements of continuously-lit LED in several CRI/CCT offerings. Available in various lengths up to 8'. Angle-adjustable 2-, 3- & 4-way connector nodes bridge elements together. We have built in the ability to isolate the elements via hidden integral multi-circuit switches that allow for separated control zones. These switches allow the installer to select between two different paths of continuity/isolate one part of a grid from another providing maximum flexibility. This allows for the creation of long runs, grid configurations of triangles, squares, rectangles virtually any kind of layout imaginable. GlowSTX Series is truly 'ONE SYSTEM ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES'.