Apollo Chandelier

  • Company
    McKenzie & Keim
  • Lead Designer
    Taylor McKenzie-Veal and Brendan Keim
  • Categories
    Winner in Chandeliers
  • Location
    Chicago, Illinois, USA, United States

Inspired by 1960's space travel, the Apollo Chandelier features an array of LED light sources housed within glass and brass shades that seamlessly blend with the structure of the fixture. The shades span out from a central point, as if on a linear trajectory, in each cardinal direction. This symmetrical composition is balanced between its unique double stems. The result is a poised form that hovers in space, spreading light evenly throughout. The low voltage dimmable LED fixture outputs light with a color rendering index greater than 90 and an optional color temperature of 2700 or 3000 kelvin. The hand-blown shades also offer a subtle innovation.  The layered glass shades mimic the soft glow of incandescent light.  They diffuse glare and hotspots that often plague LED lighting.  Furthermore, the cone-like shape projects the interior light source outward in all directions.  The result is a design that is truly considerate of both form and function.