Ideoli's LED Diamond Chandelier

  • Company
    Ideoli Group, Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    George Stroumboulis and Chris Hartswick
  • Categories
    Winner in Chandeliers
  • Location
    Port Washington, NY, United States

Our truly custom LED diamond chandelier is a showcase fixture designed with imported quality materials and an advanced LED color-changing system and drivers. This fixture is nearly six feet in diameter and represents the exact cuts of a GIA diamond. This was created using a 2-step design. The inside of the diamond is edged in polished stainless steel and that created the appearance of 58 facets found on a real GIA diamond. For the exterior of the frame of the diamond, clear acrylic panels were used to allow anyone to see through the diamond. The sparkle for the fixture was created through a center core in the diamond cladded in highly-reflective aluminum panel that was made and imported from Germany. LED lighting was installed in the girdle of the diamond, pointing inwards so it couldn’t be seen visually but reflected on the core interior to add to the sparkle that is seen from up close and from afar.