Chandeliers / Innovative Lighting Design Software Applications


  • Lead Designer
    Ami Patel, Paul Kweton, Hide Takahashi
  • Categories
    Winner in Chandeliers / Innovative Lighting Design Software Applications
  • Location
    Houston, Texas, USA, United States

The Mobius strip and parametric modularity define our morphological framework for our physical form exploration. The Mobius Strip, a one-sided non-orientable surface, which looks like an infinite loop but also self-contained entity, can be mathematically represented by parameters based on the topological definition as the rotation of a line segment around a circle. This parameterization seems compatible to the modularity in our design approach. Modularity makes it possible for design to evolve in a localized fashion, which can lead to the emergence of modular clusters as part of a whole. Modularity is arguably suitable to the Mobius Strip as a framework in term of its characteristic of autonomy and mathematical aspect. The principle of modularity is based on repetition, adjacencies and relations of parts/modules to each other, made possible using Grasshopper for Rhino. The detailing of connection points and components are crucial for a successful module based design process/solution.